Future Cities 2016

Future Cities 2016

12 speakers discuss urban innovation as part of the Festival of Ambitious Ideas on 12th May

‘Future Cities’ is the theme for the Festival of Ambitious Ideas, a showcase of Canberra’s innovators, game-changers and status quo challengers to be held on the 12th May.

Twelve speakers from a range of industries will share their experiences and perspectives on the challenges, as well as the opportunities and innovations that will impact on people’s everyday lives in the cities of the future.

Lighthouse CEO Anna Pino says, “The Festival of Ambitious Ideas celebrates the many innovative businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who contribute to cities like Canberra.”

“Speakers will explore topics such as energy, transport, housing, security of water and food, liveability, social inclusion, smart cities, climate change, health and wellness and much more.”

The event is designed to be fast-paced, informal and fun and follows the Ignite format where speakers each only have 5 minutes to tell their story and ‘ignite’ the audience.

The twelve speakers are:

  1. Stephen Byron from the Canberra Airport
  2. James Kavanagh from Microsoft
  3. Dr Lachlan Blackhall from Reposit Power
  4. Adrian Faccioni from Axsys Performance
  5. Simon Butt from Manteena
  6. Ken Kroeger from Seeing Machines
  7. Professor Rachel Davey from the University of Canberra
  8. Jeremy Fisher from Kingfisher Law
  9. Dr Will Steffen from the Australian National University
  10. Aaron Clausen from NatureMapr
  11. Adriane Boag from the National Gallery of Australia
  12. Elisabeth Judd from Elton Consulting



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