Why choose StartUp Realm?

Learn Skills Important for Your Career

Great exam results are wonderful, but you also need thinking skills to help you become future-smart. Learn the skills that will help you succeed in work and life like creative thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills.

Free Self Assessment to Measure Progress

How do you fare when it comes to career skills? Did you know the Dunning-Kruger effect refers to our tendency to overestimate our competence at a task, leading us to consider ourselves much more competent than others?

Themed Challenges

Use your imagination! Interesting video interviews, engaging resources and challenging questions help you to come up with solutions to solve problems facing future generations.

Guided Inquiry

Using real-world problems, contexts set by industry experts and questions designed to guide and support your learning; you will develop a good understanding of the innovation process.

Supportive Learning Environment

Learn at your own pace and focus on problem areas that interest you. Whether environmental, people, science or technology - you get to decide what problem to solve. There are plenty of engaging resources to support your learning along the way.

Competitions to Test Your Skills

Teen Start-Up and StartUp Camp Competitions provide opportunities for you to test your new skills in action. There are online and offline competitions as well as in-house tailored programs for schools and workplaces.

Learn creativity and thinking skills

The preparation you need to succeed in a 21st Century world.

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